Cost-Free Fundraising

Below are a few of the cost-free ways that you can help support FOWS and the work we do to support Woodlea.

Easy Fundraising

Earn Money With Everyday Purchases

Easy Fundraising allows supporters to raise money for the school whenever they shop online. It is easy to use via the app or their website. You can even install a reminder on your search engine so that you receive a notification whenever you visit any page/shop that subscribes, so we never miss a donation.

To sign up, click the button below and choose “Woodlea Primary School Bordon” as your cause.

More About Easy Fundraising

Astra Recycling

Local Textile Recycler

Astra Recycling takes good Clothes, Shoes, Bed Linen, Clothing Accessories, Soft Toys and recyles them, raising money for FOWS.

Items are graded and distributed to Eastern Europe and Africa to be used again, anything that cannot be re-used is sent to companies to convert into other products, this allows Astra Recycling to utalise 99% of what is donated.

More About Astra Recycling

Empties Please

Recycle Used Ink Cartridges

Empties Please is another recycling scheme – this time collecting used ink cartridges. Their aim is to help schools raise funds and to encourage the next generation to get green! They collect used printer cartridges and donate the money straight back to us!

They also run an ‘Eco Project’ designed to get pupils outside and learning about their local environment and wildlife. For every £1 we raise, they give us a ‘Green Point.’ These points can be redeemed for ‘Green Goodies’ for Woodlea, such as bulbs, trees, butterfly boudoirs, bird houses, hedgehog houses, bug boxes, toad hides, vegetable/herb seed packs, gardening tools, bird tables and feeders, bat boxes and even sponsoring an endangered species and rain forest conservation projects!

More About EmptiesPlease


Earn points by walking, cycling, using public transport and other activites

BetterPoints is a free app, which tracks how you travel. It is designed to encourage us all to make healthier, more environmentally friendly, and more economical choices with our journey planning. Users are awarded points according to distance whenever you travel by foot or bike. These points can be redeemed with a variety of local businesses and organisations… including us!

When points are redeemed with FOWS, Betterpoints converts them to a cash value (1000 points = £1) to give to us. This means you can support FOWS for free by doing the school run, walking the dog, dashing to the local shop or wondering round the Forest Centre! Just download the app and take your phone with you!

More About BetterPoints

Name Tags 4 U

Discount for you, Commission for FOWS

For the second year running, FOWS are pleased to have partnered with Nametags4u, who provide a range of quality products to name your child's uniform and equipment. So, when they forget to pick up their brand new jumper after break time, or accidentally put their PE T-shirt into another child's bag, it will find its way back to you. All name labels can be designed with funky fonts, bright colours, and fun pictures to help your child identify their things quickly and easily.

But the best bit is, Woodlea parents will get a 5% discount and FOWS will earn a 20% commission from every order made too. Double win!! In order to take advantage of this, please use our unique affiliate web link (below) and make sure you apply the discount code at the checkout.

Dont forget to use the discount code : FOWS


Match Funding

Your Employer Could Double Our Fundraising

If you work for an organisation that has a match funding policy, any money you help to raise when you volunteer at one of our events could be matched by your employer. Companies may match the fundraising total for an event, or for the stall or activity that their employee (and sometimes their spouse) was involved with.

High street banks, building societies, insurance companies, supermarkets and large corporations are most likely to do match funding, but these schemes are not exclusive to big corporations. If you help at one of our events, please ask your employer if they have a match funding scheme.

Match Funding FAQ's